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Smt. R. Kiran Yadav - Managing Director


I am proud of this Balaji Computer Institute. I am a woman and I would be very happy that the spirit of all the students of your region is increased. I am going to tell you something, through this director message, you must read it once. How will our institute develop your areas? There is a need for a developing country on every step for all. We must read the complete information given below.

To achieve the ultimate goal.


Our experienced effort. Your support and your development.

I am R. Kiran Y. , I am the director of this Balaji Computer and Technical Institute Institute. Our institution has been named after a lot of thinking and meeting in our company committee. This name is also associated with the blessings of our Sri Venkateswara Maharaj Balaji. The name is a sacred place like Tirupati, the high hills of Tirumala. And the name of our Maharaj Balaji is very much discussed in the country and high place of purity. And our educational institution is likewise a holy place and the educational education given by it to the students is also sacred. As a woman, I am going to say something in front of all of you. I am confident that these institutions will develop your rural and urban areas. With this you should connect with your goodwill. Through this institute, you can choose your course according to your interest. And during our institute, all types of computer courses, such as ADCA, DCA, DTP, Tally, Accounting, DEO, GST courses, and special courses for women are also available. Beautiful, beauty parlors, beautiotherapy, sewing, embroidery, knitting, and tailoring courses can also be done. It is a special feature of our institution that you will get a lot of support and you will get the benefit of facilities as per your guidelines. We will develop your areas with a special significance. In our institution, proper education is imparted by skilled, skilled, promising, highly valued, experienced teachers. And in our institutions, oral, written test is conducted every month on time. And after that every quarter, half-year, nine-month, and annual examination is also conducted. In which after passing the exam, you are also given certification by our institute to a student, this certificate is very beneficial in private, private limited, government jobs. You should achieve this according to your education. Because computer is working in every task nowadays and its important role has been played. We should mold our children according to the age and their education should be raised in the same way. This is the responsibility of all our parents. We are the parents of the people to complete it. Our organization is developing with new technological technology at every step. You must give us a chance to serve.



CEO. Message

Dear – Student,

The scheme of our company is to develop the rural areas more and to open their institutions in each region and by this, according to some technological technology, in this era, there is an opportunity for you to learn and learn in every direction under skill development. Is, but to achieve your success, skill and hard work in skill development technology is very important. In our institute branch Balaji Computer and Technical Institute, we try to make you a veteran to meet the challenges in skill development as per the demand of time in this era. Our organizations say that if you have something to learn and become skilled, to do something for our country, to do something in skill development, if you have passion and passion, our institute will always be there to help you. Are with

Mr. Shiv Jee Yadav - CEO

Welcome to our Balaji Computer Institute. You have achieved intelligent decision by choosing our institute as per your choice to do technology technical course right now. Our company and this institute assure you that this institute will live up to your expectations by providing you 24 × 7 hours in every way in the field of technical and educational at every step and providing timely guidance in this era. We have tried to step forward step by step in our educational institutions and have also shown this by walking in the educational market, our company in this way, any new technical technology comes to the market in our institutions, in all our institutions Its introduction and teaching-training is started.

In our institutions, the new technology technology is started and its education is done with complete honesty. Our company and organization have a popularity that we recognize. Very important knowledge is made available at the lowest possible price in our institution. In our institute it is an effort to complete your technical technology course. Therefore, due to our efforts, we get your affection and love. And this is why our institution is moving forward.
Along with this, you have selected your favorite course in our institute. Computer Course, ADCA, DCA, DTP, Tally, DEO, Electrical, Electronic, Computer Software and Computer Hardware have made a special progress in classes, studies, writing, training and now We are going to start sewing training, sewing machine course for women right now, our trained students are raising the name of our country. And some students are also doing government and private jobs after completing their courses. According to today’s era, computer diploma has been made compulsory in all jobs in every place. And it has also been included in the board examinations. And after doing this course, you can earn your living by getting your employment, the main objective of our company and institutions is to increase the employment of our country of India and technical technology technically to the unemployed person from our country. By training, the unemployed and unemployment is eradicated and all of them are self-reliant and our company is working with full dedication and dedication to fulfill this objective through development in your areas one by one day and night.

Our effort. Development of your region.



Welcome to the Siwan Profile Group of Franchise Educational Hub ...

Mr. R. K. Yadav Founder


I am the founder and ceo of this rsymse pvt ltd company, we aim to brighten the name of our institute RSY Maa Saraswati Education all over India.

It is an organization which is more interested in education. All our teachers, and staff, helps to enhance special, people and special experiences. We are fully dedicated to promoting excellence in computer education, digital education, and other types of classrooms, management and other technical professions. And through this franchise educational company, across India, we help


promote students under skill development in all small and big districts in rural and urban areas. And from time to time, the progress of students in rural and urban areas is made with honorable speeches and a variety of awards, and we pay special attention to the bright future of the students.

In a different way we provide quality learning dissemination to all students including books and CDs which are also following as PDFs and Faculty. Our new learning technique is that we are present with our students every day with some new technological technology technique. And we have special arrangements for various students students. For more specific information you can visit our register websites. Our website is something like this. And the work of all these is somewhat different. Which we are going to tell you. www.rsymse.com its entire function is to book online orders, do online flower work, do online payment transactions, collect online filings, register online, all kinds of tasks are also done in educational and general work. Have to do. And www.mseducation.org.in its complete work is that you can get all the educational related information www.rsymse.ac.in This website has been received by the government recognized it is for full educational which you can get students results. For declaring or verification, you can complete your investigation procedures through this side for your information. www.rsyfoundation.com This is a trust related website. Our organization does social work through it. www.rsywebtech.in Through this institute our company provides design and reseller hosting of websites in Pir India. www.bcti.in This is the website of our institute Balaji Computer, you can get information about it. And more websites are being built in due course of time. We have to develop big and small institutes in every place through this institute. This is our goal. We will complete it.

We want to let you know by our company that they are capable of handling advanced academic IT subjects, regularly providing training and certification to their faculty.

Supports classroom teaching with assignments. And the facilities provided by our company are divided in a different way. We also deliver timely projects to students in various fields. And students’ intelligent scores, ratings are also made on their work assignments. Parents can also see what this feature is.
From junior executives to team leaders, project heads and management professionals, MS-education trained students have reached Rs.

We have digital locker facilities available here.
On our register websites you can see all of life’s dormers. And we also have job related online verification, offline verification, postal verification etc. You can contact us by email and phone 365 days for specific information. We are at your service. support@rsymse.com, All India Support- 9472420019
We have brought a facility to you. Which has to be removed from everyone. Whether you are our student or franchise director. And if there are any other type of complaints, suggestions etc., you can contact the director of our company directly via email. director@mseducation.org.in

My Story

Our institute has special technology applications and various types of educational development in this area by New Digital India. It also has a long line array of special configurations. And this is how it works. Our institute fulfills a trustworthy function.

We have run this institute since the year 2018. Through our institutions, all the students get their information according to the topics prescribed by the latest technology, along with the final examination is done per course and written test like oral and oral test is done every month before that. In addition, quarterly examination, half-yearly examination, nine-month examination, and annual examination are also conducted per course. When students pass in it, they are also given a certificate according to their course. Whose recognition is in private and government jobs. You can get a good job after getting this certificate. Whose verification is done by our company institute. All kinds of facilities are available in it through online, offline, postal, phone, email, website verification. You can avail this facilities according to your needs.

Through our institute, you can turn your weak students towards a good direction, our institutions will have full support. You choose the course of your choice according to your choice. In our institutions, Hindi and English are also conducted along with their theatrical and premedical. And you will be very easy to understand it.

I would like to tell you that you can see more pages of our website to find your needs, understand, think, think, then you join it, so that you will be very easy to understand in Claus. You will be provided all kinds of facilities through this website. For any inconvenience, you can contact our contact number. We have this feature for 24 × 7. Please call or email us according to your information. Our officers will surely help you.

You can share your information with us, we will definitely help you. For complete information from us, you can call us, email us, you can get more information by visiting our website. You can visit these websites by clicking on the link below, which is www.raymse.com, www.rsymse.ac.in, www.mseducation.org.in, www.rsyfoundation.com, www.rsywebtech.in . Different websites of our institutions have different functions.

This Balaji Computer and Technical Institute This rsymse pvt ltd is a branch of the company, its entire care and full knowledge and responsibility of this branch is with the company.

What is the time of our institution?

This branch has a fixed time of opening and closing. Accordingly, we give it the computer education of the students. For example, the time of study at the institute is from 6 am to 10 am. And is from 4 pm to 6 pm. And after that it remains open for the office work of our institute. Our office hours are 9 am to 5 pm. Meanwhile, our institute taxes are taxed officially.

Feedback & Reviews

Send your thoughts to us, we understand your feelings and we will share it on the websites as well as written below, you can give your suggestions to us on our email. We will be very happy.

I give a special importance to this institute that the future of all the students of this field will be bright. I hope that in the coming time all the students studying through this institute will become skilled people. And our India name will be Rausan.

R . K . Yadav

Director At Rsymse Pvt. Ltd.

I have full faith on this Balaji Computer Institute that through this educational institute you will develop students in your area. Students studying by this institute will become technical under Startup India. And our India name will be Rausan.

Anand Vishwakarma

Manager At Visakhapatnam

I see this institution and compare with each other. So a special importance comes out that what is service and we should study with Balaji computer at this time. Because the services are different in this, the students studying in this institute will develop in our country.

Anoop Yadav

Franchisee Marketing At Delhi

You know what feedback means and give us your feedback.

This will help you. The assessment of others about us is the feedback and gives us strength to improve it if we are not on the right path. This information is invaluable, so it can be better utilized.
We keep asking people about our work and work with a lifelong vigil or unconscious attitude. We would be very happy that you give us your feedback.



What Can I Do for You?

Through our institute, you can turn your weak students towards a good direction, our institutions will have full support. You choose the course of your choice according to your choice. In our institutions, Hindi and English are also conducted along with their theatrical and premedical. And you will be very easy to understand it.

What is Tally?

Considering this era, through this we can work on a type of accounting software. The records of any company can be kept safe with this software, we can control the financial management of this company, through this software, we can find out what is the growth of our company, what is the status of our company. How are we working?

What is the full form of tally.

The full form of the tally is Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards. We can get more information related to the account from this information.

How to learn Tally.

You can take admission in our Computer Institute to learn Tally. There you will be told the basics of Tally, with the help of which you will be able to place commands on the Tally software. After this, the more you practice, the better you will become in this software.

Need Advice?

I would like to tell you that you can see more pages of our website to find your needs, understand, think, think, then you join it, so that you will be very easy to understand in Claus. You will be provided all kinds of facilities through this website. For any inconvenience, you can contact our contact number. We have this feature for 24 × 7. Please call or email us according to your information. Our officers will surely help you.