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Qualification for diploma
Students who want to do Diploma in Computer Applications

They should have passed their high school ie 10th & 12th from a recognized school. After class X, computer is selected as its main or optional subject, then it is very beneficial for them.

No other eligibility is required for this. He can enroll for this degree.
balaji computer guthani

What is DCA?

(DCA) is a computer course. Which comes under diploma course. For students who are interested in computers and want to go ahead in the computer field, DCA Course is a very good computer diploma course. This is a course of 6 months to 1 year (2 semester) which you can do after 10th and 12th. By doing DCA, you will learn all the things of the computer in general along with learning to run a normal computer. In this, you get knowledge etc.

What is the full name of ADCA.

Its full name is "Advanced Diploma In Computer Application". This is a computer-related popular course. To pass it, the ADCA course is of 1 year. For this course, 10 or 12 pass is required. After completing the course, a certificate is given to the students and students. Which students can use for their job jobs.

Balance Sheet (Profit and Loss Account)

The account that is created to determine the profit or loss in a company after the supply of all expenses at the end of the year is called Profit and Loss Account. The main purpose of creating a profit and loss account is to get information about the net profit or net loss of the business. Because the main objective of the trader is to earn profit. You should be aware of this.

What is DTP What is the full name of DTP.

Full information about this is Desk Top Publishing. It is a modern publishing technique created in 1983 by James Davis. DTP means composing work done by computer. In this, the page is printed by a laser printer after the composing work is done by computerized typing.

What is the full form of DEO.

The full form of DEO is "Data Entry Operator". This is a type of term in which information written on paper is written in computer software and collected as data, many software is used in computer to do data entry market for data entry. There are many types of software available in which data entry can be done. And there are many castes in our institution.

What is ccc course.

You know about CCC a computer course. Its full name is Course on Computer Concepts. This is a course that is done by which your basic concept becomes clear and by doing this course you are able to use all the features of basic computer.