Welcome To Balaji Computer & TI Help me to meet our educational goals in the right ways, we will make your students' future bright.

Through our institute, Claus with good and highly computer-experienced teachers has made good arrangements and good education to all types of students.

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I wish the bright future of all of you, young and children from rural and urban areas and students of our institute mostly poor line class, etc. through this institution Balaji Computer and Technical Institute. I fully believe that we will definitely succeed in this mission.

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It is a time of great pleasure for me to inform you that through this Balaji Computer Technical Institute through our educational institutions, you will be able to double the growth of your students. This is how our institute is developing rural and urban areas. You joined us

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I am very happy that after getting education through this Balaji Computer Institute, as a promising, hard working, working, progressive, dutiful person, you will greatly increase your employment, business.

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I would like to tell you in a written form that we have to make India a great country. All the stops in our institutions have the same slogan that we have to eradicate poverty from our India. We need your help for this. We will develop our regions.

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We treat all your students equally. And all students have to become a very important one by attracting attention towards a technical and technology direction, we have to attract technology to all students, make all our students promising, and our institute has the same goal to make our India great It is made.

Through our institute, you can complete your studies course through e-book. Through the e-book in our institutions, you have been determined by special new technology. In our institute, e-book is such a book that you can acquire your knowledge with your favorite languages. Click this link below to proceed. We will give you the opportunity to get full information about it.

Our educational institute has some such facilities and features.

What is the underlying structure?

Our institute has well equipped specialized laboratories and workshops with the latest machines and equipment which are being used to impart training to the students in our institutions. A brief introduction of some laboratories and workshops is given below as follows.

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What are the tools and tools to use?

This workshop has been fitted with the latest machines supplied under the Vocational Training Project (VTP) with the assistance of the rsymse group of company. Of India. The machines include milling machines-horizontal and vertical and universal lathe, grinder-plane and surface, tool

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What is an electronic lab?

Our education institute's lab is well equipped with electronic test equipment like cathode ray oscilloscope, pulse generator, signal tracer, VHT TV, wobbloscope, LCR bridge, digital multimeter, B / W and color TV pattern generators, emergency ibter etc. is.

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What is a computer center?

Laptops, PENTIUM computers, latest technology computers, and latest features version computers have been installed in our center. And ink jet, laser and dot matrix printers and the latest software. There is a separate networking lab in which all the systems are connected through


In this Balaji Computer Institute, a new special has been developed with different types of technological technology. Exclude failures and rejection. Always be nice, good time will come soon for you. Wait for the time.


Desire students must see it once to get more progress in their jobs.

We have run this institute since the year 2018. Through our institutions, all the students get their information according to the topics prescribed by the latest technology, along with the final examination is done per course and written test like oral and oral test is done every month before that. In addition, quarterly examination, half-yearly examination, nine-month examination, and annual examination are also conducted per course. When students pass in it, they are also given a certificate according to their course. Whose recognition is in private and government jobs. You can get a good job after getting this certificate. Whose verification is done by our company institute. All kinds of facilities are available in it through online, offline, postal, phone, email, website verification. You can avail this facilities according to your needs.

I would like to tell you that you can see more pages of our website to find your needs, understand, think, think, then you join it, so that you will be very easy to understand in Claus. You will be provided all kinds of facilities through this website. For any inconvenience, you can contact our contact number. We have this feature for 24 × 7. Please call or email us according to your information. Our officers will surely help you.

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